Small GTA RP streamer becomes fastest-growing Twitch channel as bots strike again - Dexerto

Small GTA RP streamer becomes fastest-growing Twitch channel as bots strike again

Published: 19/Jun/2021 13:47

by Luke Edwards


Small Twitch streamer SerinaRP has become the site’s fastest-growing channel after follower bots ran rampant on her profile when she was unbanned from the platform.

Twitch bots are one of the most fascinating on the platform. Overnight, small streamers with a few hundred regular viewers can suddenly gain massive numbers.

In fact, it got to a point where Twitch themselves had to intervene, as in April the platform took down roughly 7.5 million accounts that had been associated with follower botting.

But that hasn’t completely turned the tide. A month after the purge, which also saw bigger streamers affected as xQc lost 2 million followers, small streamer Micaylee was botted to the top of the charts. And she’s not the last person to be affected, as evidenced by Twitch channel SerinaRP.


xQc lost 2 million Twitch followers in the April bot purge.

Between June 1 to June 6, Serina was botted to over 2.1 million followers on her Twitch channel, up from just shy of 8,000 in the days before.

This boost took her above the likes of Adin Ross, Dream, and the freshly-banned Amouranth in the growth rate rankings, and placed her 78th in the overall follower rankings, above channels like Asmongold, DisguisedToast and Markiplier.

TwitchMetrics fastest growing Twitch streamer chart, with SelinaRP at the top
SelinaRP has rocketed to the top of the charts.

But she wasn’t fazed by the boost in statistical popularity, and took pity on the person who targeted her.  She tweeted: “To the person that keeps follow-botting me, God loves you! I promise it’s going to take more than that to break me. I will pray for you though.”


The GTA RP streamer, who plays on the SSB World server, had been banned from Twitch on June 1 after a DMCA claim for watching MTV live on stream, but the ban only lasted for 48 hours.

But this isn’t the first time she’s been botted. Serina was botted to 2.9 million followers back in March this year, but swiftly had them all removed in the April purge just weeks later.

With bots seemingly making a comeback on Twitch, with second-fastest-growing streamer casanovabeams also seemingly falling victim, it’ll be interesting to see if the platform attempts another bot purge in the near future.