Sleeping IRL streamer gets a shock as adorable Husky demands attention

Connor Bennett

An IRL streamer who goes under the name ‘Demon Andy’ had his sleep disrupted by an excited Husky, who just sought out a bit of attention.

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The rise of IRL streaming, both on Twitch and YouTube, has given way to some brilliant on-air moments. Streamers have been able to document their whole lives in-front an audience, be it at home or on the go in public. 

Some even take it that one step further and open up their family and friends to their broadcast – making it quite like an online version of Big Brother. While sometimes things don’t go to plan in the wrong way, other times, viewers are left with a completely wholesome moment that they can laugh about for a few days to come.

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YouTube: Demon Andy
Demon Andy can be found streaming on YouTube.

During his August 6 stream, Demon Andy was asleep in-front of the ‘IRL house 24/7 camera‘ when he was rudely interrupted by the excitable Husky. The dog started by sniffing around, surveying the situation, before bouncing around and on the sofa.

The streamer did his best to calm the dog down but failed. “Hey, stop, stop, stop,” he called out, as the Husky continued to bounce from one end of the sofa to the other. Ultimately, the dog took things up a notch by extending its bouncing to the other chairs in the living room – taking a run around the opposing sofa, before jumping on to the armchair, and leaping towards Demon Andy.

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Even though the streamer attempted to get back asleep, his attempts were in vain as the Husky continued its running and bouncing assault around the living room. 

Again, ‘Demon Andy’ pleaded with it to stop, but his calls fell upon deaf ears. “Be nice, be nice,” he called out, before the Dog decided that it had enough of tormenting him and set upon stealing something from his table. 

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Ultimately, with the Dog’s attention taken elsewhere, the streamer was able to get his head back down and drift off for another few winks of sleep. 

Maybe next time, he’ll be able to keep the Dog secured in its own bed, just so it doesn’t decide to pick on him during the night.