Shroud Isn’t Impressed with New Survival Game SCUM

Calum Patterson

Streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek was one of many trying out new survival game ‘SCUM’ on Twitch recently, but he wasn’t convinced of the game’s potential in the long run.

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SCUM peaked on Twitch at over 200,000 viewers, as some of the most popular streamers on the platform gave it a shot.

At one point, it was the second most viewed game on the platform, only bettered by Fortnite. Devolver Digital also reported that it was its biggest launch ever, reaching top 10 on steam charts after being released on Steam in early access on August 29.

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Shroud was one of the leading channels, attracting over 40,000 concurrent viewers to watch, but despite this early interest, he isn’t entirely convinced that SCUM will succeed where other games have failed.

Comparing it to Bohemia’s ‘DayZ’, shroud thinks that SCUM will also die down in popularity, considering how much more fine tuned DayZ is and yet cannot retain it’s once massive player base.

“Games like this aren’t easy to make. Like, if DayZ struggled to pull it off, do you think this company will be able to pull it off? It’s going to take them a couple years. Right now, all this is, is what DayZ was two years ago.

Now, DayZ is at a state where you get 300 frames [per second] and go ‘oh’, and the gun play is really good, like DayZ is in a really good state finally. But all [SCUM] is, is kind of like a restart of DayZ.”

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The developers of SCUM, Gamepires, and publisher Devolver Digital can at least be encouraged by the fact that a number of top streamers picked up on the game, and viewers seemed to enjoy watching it.

In the current games market, dominated by Fortnite and other battle royales, the significance of getting good stream exposure on Twitch especially, cannot be understated.

But Shroud is in a unique position to comment on the potential success of such games, as one of the most popular streamers in the world and former professional player, he likely has a keen eye for what gamers want and expect.