Shroud Explains How He is So Good at Video Games While on Insane Killing Spree in PUBG

As a former professional CS:GO player and now one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is considered one of the most talented video game players around.

Not all Twitch streamers rely on professional level gameplay to become popular, many are simply entertaining, funny or play a variety of games with insightful commentary and discussion with their viewers.

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But if you were to look at the very top of Twitch, those with millions of followers and tens of thousands of viewers when they go live, it is usually streamers who provide the combination of entertainment with unrivalled skill.

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Shroud is perhaps the finest example of this. In fact recently, fellow streamer ‘Lirik’ complimented shroud by saying he is the very best Twitch has to offer.

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Stepping away from professional counter-strike in 2017, shroud shifted his focus entirely to streaming and now is most associated with playing battle royale game PUBG.

He still also plays CS:GO and other games on occasion, and still showcases his skill across genres, but is most proficient at shooters.

When asked by a viewer in a recent stream how he became so good at video games, shroud proceeds to show exactly how, as he quickly wipes out six enemies with assassin like efficiency.

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And he also manages to answer the donator’s question while doing so, explaining that it just comes down to putting in the time.

“To answer that question, just playing a lot man. I’ve been gaming forever and ever and ever. I’ve been gaming for so long. It’s all I do, I live and breath this shit.”

And he really couldn’t have picked any better timing to pull of this insane six kill spree while explaining how he got to this point. You can watch shroud stream most days on his Twitch Channel.