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Shroud's Apex Legends stream gets hit with confusing Dr Disrespect cameo appearance

Published: 19/Jul/2019 10:26

by Connor Bennett


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Since making the transition from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional to full-time Twitch streamer, shroud has become one of the most recognizable faces on the livestreaming platform – racking up thousands of viewers as soon as he goes live each day. 

Some of most entertaining moments, aside from when he’s ruining enemy players with his God-like aim, revolve around fellow streamer Dr Disrespect – be it when shroud imitates him, or the pair link up for a game. Yet, shroud got the surprise of his life when the Two-Time made a late-night appearance on-stream despite not receiving an invite to the broadcast. 


Respawn EntertainmentShroud and Dr Disrespect are no strangers to linking up on Twitch.

During his July 18 stream, the former CS:GO pro had been waiting to dive into another match of Apex Legends ranked mode when an extremely familiar voice made himself known – as Dr Disrespect laid out his plans for the game’s final circle. 

Shroud was immediately left confused and began looking around his streaming set-up to try and find the source. After The Doc finished his message, the streamer called out: “What the hell?” and immediately burst out laughing about what had just unfolded. 

Some viewers speculated that the Doc had made a surprise jump into shroud’s Discord call and dropped a quick message – while others were sure that someone had played an old clip.


Either way, the Canadian couldn’t uncover its source and was left to move into his game without knowing what had happened.

Despite that, shroud took the idea on board and suggested, a few moments later, that he wouldn’t hate it if it was actually a thing in Apex Legends. 

“I kind of like that idea,” he started, with his teammates chimed in with their own ideas. “I like that. Last circle, no shields – free for all,” shroud added, as the trio continued to jump into their next match. 

We may never know how the Doc made a surprising appearance on shroud’s stream, but can only hope that the pair decide to partner up again for some violence, speed, and momentum in one of the top battle royale titles.