Satan is literally tweeting for Team Rogue, and we don't know why

by Eli Becht


Satan himself has just joined Team Rogue as their first professional "Tweeter," and the signing leaves us with more questions than answers.

The parody Twitter account for religious figure "Satan" surprisingly signed with an esports organization on January 28, showing that there's an interest from organizations for anybody - even the personification of evil.

Team Rogue announced the signing in a congratulatory tweet that quickly went viral, as it's a very bizarre move that caught fans off guard. What's even stranger is the team is calling Satan their first professional "Tweeter," presumably meaning that this account's job is what they already do best - creating viral posts.


Satan's Twitter account, s8n, has over 2.4 million followers, so it's a massive signing (even if they have no streaming career to speak of).

Currently, the account tweets out jokes daily, with most of them gaining tens of thousands of likes and retweets. How, or if, the account will change now that it's under the Rogue umbrella remains to be seen.


Now, what exactly does it mean to be a professional tweeter? 100 Thieves member Avalanche tried to get some clarification from Twitter itself.

Since Satan has gone pro with his tweets, Ava wanted to know if tweeting could be considered a sport. To his surprise, Twitter actually responded and confirmed that tweeting was, in fact, a sport.


Well, there you have it. The man downstairs, himself, is now a professional tweeter. Since his viral tweets will now be under the Rogue banner, the organization is likely banking on the king of hell bringing more eyes to the organization.

Steve Aoki
Wikimedia Commons
Steve Aoki is a co-owner of Rogue.

The account has already updated their name to "Satan goes Rogue," in an effort to advertise their recent signage. The potential for crossover is huge, as it's very possible many people following the account have no idea what Rogue even is right now.

Rogue isn't the biggest name in the esports industry, but it is co-owned by popular EDM artist Steve Aoki, so they're no slouch, either. Perhaps this "signing of Satan" could be just what the group needs to skyrocket in popularity.