Roman Atwood has taken an extreme measure to prevent swatting at his house

YouTube star Roman Atwood has revealed that he has gone to major lengths to prevent swatting at his home.

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The popular vlogger took to his Twitter account to reveal that he has hired armed police officers to constantly patrol his home, in an effort to prevent the awful hoaxes from taking place.

Atwood tweeted: “People, we have 24 hour armed police 7 days a week 365 days a year employed at our home, NOTHING happens when you swat us.” 

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The YouTuber went on to advise potential culprits to make better decisions, saying that they were risking their future “for nothing”, and that they should change their path.

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Swatting is when someone makes a fake call to law enforcement, reporting a dangerous situation at a person’s residence, in the hope that armed police officers storm the property. 

Unfortunately, the act of swatting is a regular occurrence for online superstars such as Atwood, and Twitch streamers and YouTube creators often have to remain in contact with their local law enforcement in an attempt to thwart these alarming hoaxes.

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Recently, the Clout Gang House – where YouTube stars such as Ricegum, Alissa Violet and Faze Rain live – was raided by armed law enforcement after a fake call to a Californian police department.

In December 2017, a hoax call resulted in a fatal shooting in Wichita, Kansas, with the caller recently being handed numerous federal charges in both Kansas and California.

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