Robert Pattinson may reprise role as vampire in Chloe Zhao’s Dracula

Robert Pattinson and Bela Lugosi

When it comes to Robert Pattinson, it is hard for many fans to imagine him as anything other than a vampire, and he may be returning as one soon, as the beloved Dracula.

Different generations have different faces that come to mind when presented with the word “vampire.” Older generations may think back to Bela Lugosi’s iconic role as Dracula, while younger folks may instead imagine the dreamy, sparkly Edward from Twilight.

Regardless of which figure comes to mind, decades of movies and TV shows have produced prominent blood-lusting characters. Whether or not they are from the past couple of decades or from a couple of centuries ago, those immortal beings will live on forever in the history of film.

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Fans of Robert Pattinson may not have seen the last of him as a vampire in the Twilight series. In fact, he could be set to return to the big screen as another blood-sucking heartthrob, albeit this time as the classic character Dracula. This unique combination of an ancient vampire represented by a young actor who has played a new-age vampire may be what fans from all generations need.

Robert Pattinson as Dracula in Chloe Zhao’s adaptation

Chloe Zhao recently confirmed that she had almost finished writing her screenplay for Dracula but has not since shared much else on the project. Her take on the iconic vampire story comes with a contemporary twist as it features elements of futurism, sci-fi, and society’s fringes.

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Zhao’s artistic version of Dracula is likely to deliver on its promises as a modern version of a well-known story. After winning an Oscar as the Best Director for her film Nomadland, Zhao spent time working on the poorly received Marvel movie Eternals.

Since then, it would seem that she has been trying to reground herself in her roots as a director, focusing on her unique ability to present stories as fresh, mind-boggling films in ways audiences have never experienced them.

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Who better, then, could Zhao choose as this modern Dracula? It seems that Robert Pattinson in talks to represent the classic character following his awakening from a centuries-long slumber. Fans familiar with Twilight will see the actor jump from a role in which he plays a young vampire to this one where he plays the much older prince of darkness.

It will be interesting to see Pattinson act as a vampire once again as he more recently played very different roles, such as The Batman.

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