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RiceGum mocks SoundCloud rapper Kid Buu for thinking he’s a clone

Published: 22/Sep/2018 21:14 Updated: 22/Sep/2018 21:30

by Virginia Glaze


Massive YouTuber RiceGum reacted to an interview with SoundCloud rapper Kid Buu, where the artist claimed that he had escaped from a cloning facility.

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Kid Buu is a notable SoundCloud rapper who has been in a fair share of recent controversies. In an interview on VladTV, the rapper admitted that he believed himself to be a clone – with over two generations of models.

RiceGum was understandably taken aback by this statement – but that wasn’t all the rapper had to say.

“My model number is 0112568 if anyone wants to see the registration code,” he said with a deadpan expression.


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He likewise stated that he’d stolen sensitive documents before escaping his initial cloning facility, where he learned of his mother’s nationality.

Ricegum questioned the rapper’s sanity. “Is this guy on drugs?” he asked incredulously. “I can’t do this anymore… please tell me you’re joking.”

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Unfortunately, it appears as though Kid Buu (taking his name from the Dragon Ball character) is completely serious. While this latest interview gives audiences a peek into the rapper’s oddities, several serious allegations have been made against him – making him out to be much more than the oddball character he seems to portray.


YouTuber Sarah Penman opened up about her relationship with Kid Buu, stating that he’d lied about his age and had hidden a child from her throughout the time they were dating. She also claimed that he was emotionally abusive, to boot, and that he was a ‘compulsive liar.’

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These allegations came out before YouTuber Adam22 claimed that the rapper had tried to steal his cat, after the artist was declined an invitation to his ‘No Jumper’ podcast.

Ricegum’s reaction to Kid Buu mark another addition to the internet’s incredulity around the rapper – but whether Buu is portraying a ‘character’ or not still remains to be seen.