Restaurant worker rips into couple for not tipping and stealing his pen in wild TikTok

restaurant workers epic rant goes viral on Sam Dan Truong / TikTok: jakiepoobearr

A server is going viral on TikTok for going off on an epic rant after serving two customers who didn’t tip after ordering a large meal — and even stole his pen.

Tipping culture has long been a point of contention in the United States, but netizens have been bringing up the practice more and more often on social media in recent months.

The conversation of tipping was brought up once again in a restaurant server’s heated rant, and it’s going viral on TikTok as commenters can’t help but both laugh and sympathize with his pain.

TikToker ‘jakeypoobearr‘ recorded his friend, Twitch streamer ‘swishii,’ popping off after serving a couple who not only failed to tip, but even stole his pen.

Restaurant server’s epic rant goes viral on TikTok

To start, the server said that the customers came in “baked as f**k” at 9:30 — although it’s unclear if that was AM or PM. Then, he recounted the large amounts of food the two ordered, saying the couple got “bagel beignets, blueberry pancakes, two sunnyside eggs, potato latkes with ketchup and salt, french toast, and three scrambled eggs with cheese.”

“And guess what? Motherf**ker was so goddamn broke, he gets the f**king check and he goes, ‘Woah, this is too much for me,'” the server continued. “Oh, I’m f**king sorry, you can’t pay 42 f**king dollars for everything you f**king ordered!”

That’s not all; the server then said that he’d given them two orange juices for free, but he didn’t receive a tip. Instead, he claims they left a “zero with a f**king line through it” on the receipt with “my f**king pen.”

“Don’t you f**king dare take my f**king pen and write zero dollars on my f**king ticket!” he yelled. “He walks out and doesn’t even f**king tip me. Steals my pen, too!”

Commenters are sympathizing with the server’s viral rant, sharing their own experiences in the service industry and calling for better treatment for service workers.


“Them stealing the pen after writing a ‘0’ on the tip line is always the insult to injury that you hate to see,” another said.

“This man expresses his emotions perfectly. I’ve never felt so upset for someone before and I don’t even work at a restaurant,” yet another wrote.

tiktok server rant commentsTikTok: Jakiepoobearr

This is just the latest restaurant debacle to take over TikTok after a Domino’s worker quit her job at the pizza chain after being forced to work weekends completely alone.