TikToker quits Domino’s job using post-it notes after being forced to work weekends

TikToker quits Domino's job via post-it notesTIKTOK: idonotknowwhatiamherefor

A TikToker went viral for using post-it notes to quit her Domino’s job, after being forced to work weekends alone.

Domino’s worker Bella shared a video of herself leaving post-it notes up for management asking them not to schedule her alone on the weekends. In one note, she explained that if she is scheduled to work weekends alone again, she will quit.

The viral video with over 3.2 million views, also showed another note from Bella that said if she’s scheduled to work weekends alone again, then they should consider her two weeks’ notice.

Her employer, however, allegedly scheduled her to work weekends alone again “for the 5th time in a row.” In a final post-it message, Bella wrote, “I’m a woman of my word,” and gave official notice of her leaving the job, because they wouldn’t honor her request.

In the comments section, she revealed that the initial note was posted on August 21, with the final note coming on August 31.

TikTok users react to Domino’s worker quitting job via post-it notes

TikTok users were amused by Bella’s unique way of quitting, and commended her for standing up for herself.

“Lmao I support using post its to quit jobs with toxic work environments. You go girl,” one user commented. “You’re nice I would have simply walked out the day I was scheduled alone,” another wrote.

“i would have just quit tbh. they don’t give you a two weeks notice for firing you,” someone else added.

Others shared their own workplace horror stories.

“They had me do a 12 hour shift, alone, at a gas station, and im a 5’0 110 lb female…….. I flipped out about it. quit shortly after,” one user shared.

“Walmart did this to me. Apparel for weeks unending, that’s 9 areas for me to clean 2 alarms I have answer alone and trust they go off at the same time,” another recalled.

“I [worked] alone. my husband came in, handed me the baby and closed for me because I had a mental breakdown,” a third detailed. “I’m in banking now.”