Restaurant threatens to kick out influencer for eating burger with a knife and fork

Meera Jacka
Influencer has allegedly been shamed by a server for using cutlery to eat her burger

An influencer has gone viral on TikTok after claiming she was almost kicked out of a restaurant for eating her burger with a knife and fork.

How to eat a burger seems like an arbitrary thing to debate. However, as always the internet proves the answer is not so clear-cut.

New-York based influencer Winta Zesu, ‘winta_zesu’ on TikTok, has now gone viral after sharing her alleged experience with a disapproving server.

Sharing a video to the social media platform, Zesu claimed this particular server threatened to have her kicked out of the restaurant for using cutlery to eat a burger.

The initial TikTok shows Zesu eating a burger with a knife and fork while a server explains that she has to use her hands as a part of the restaurant’s “rules”.

The video ends with the server stating she will call security, to which Zesu responds with, “Okay, have fun”.

In a follow-up TikTok, Zesu alleges the restaurant ultimately swapped her meal with a salad after she refused to comply.

Despite many angry commenters flocking to Zesu’s defense, others were quick to call out the fact that the video may have been staged. And it seems they might be right.

According to an article on Insider, Zesu’s content is satirical with the goal of generating strong reactions.

“I was just pushing the limits,” she said to Insider. “I’m just posting whatever people react to.”

And she’s certainly achieved that; viewers responding with an array of emotions from anger to amusement and straight-up confusion. Though ultimately, it appears to have been a pre-arranged situation, one planned out to generate attention online.

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