Rapper Tyga hits back at Nikita Dragun after she ‘exposed’ him sliding into DMs

Tyga next to Nikita DragunInstagram: tyga / nikitadragun

Tyga has responded after influencer Nikita Dragun ‘exposed’ the fact that he DMed her in her new music video.

Nikita Dragun is a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, who posts content about makeup, beauty, and often collaborates with other popular influencers on the platform.

On September 15, the star caused a stir after she uploaded a short music video to Instagram for her song she simply titled ‘D*ck.’

In the video, Nikita showed screenshots of several influential people who had slid into her DMs like model Michael Yerger and iconic rapper Tyga.


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However, the video was met with a great deal of backlash from people who slammed Nikita for trying to “expose” or “out” the people that had messaged her.

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Tyga responds to Nikita Dragun

Not long after, Tyga decided to respond to the controversy on Twitter by quote tweeting a screenshot from the video someone had sent him, asking him to explain.

“My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped,” he wrote. “Not sure why she added my likeness to this.”

Shortly after, he posted an additional tweet that read: “Ladies and gentlemen clout kills.”

Nikita went on to clarify on Twitter clarify that she “did NOT hook up with every guy in the video,” going on to add: “it’s so hard to believe that a man can just be friends with a Trans Women. that is UR narrative. this song is a celebration for my community. and my sisters. Trans Women are the future.”

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The video is continuing to cause debate across social media.