Qdoba customer horrified after finding a nose ring in her burrito

Kawter Abed
Customer holding burrito while showing nose ring

A Qdoba customer went viral on TikTok after biting into her burrito only to find an employee’s nose ring buried inside.

TikToker Sydni was left horrified after she bit into a burrito only to feel her teeth clenching down on a piece of metal which turned out to be a Qdoba worker’s nose piercing.

“I know you b*tches are f**king lying,” she began in her 14-second video, which quickly went viral with over 3.7 million views.

“I know my mouth looks dirty but there was a nose ring in my burrito! Ahh! Ahh!” she screamed, while trying to flick the nose ring off of her finger.

TikTok users in the comments were disgusted with what Sydni found in her food, with one saying, “I’d never get over this I’d feel dirty for the rest of my life.” Another said, “I would be literally throwing up everywhere.”

Sydni shared an update in a follow-up clip where she said, “I’m at Qdoba and I’m about to take it back.”

The TikToker held up the nose ring to the camera. “My teeth, did that,” she said, as she showed the bend in the piece of metal. “People ask me, did I finish the burrito? No, b*tch, I didn’t finish the burrito.”

The camera then cut back to Sydni sitting in her car after she walked inside the store. “I took it back, and the lady was there she was like, ‘oh my gosh, I feel so sorry like I’m so embarrassed,'” she shared.

Sydni explained that the employee claimed that while she was working, her husband patted down her face because she was sweaty. When she went to check her nose ring to push it back into her nostril, she allegedly accidentally pushed it out.

The customer ended up getting reimbursed with a burrito bowl and a Qdoba coupon for one free entree. “So I think that’s for whenever I wanna go back if I wanna go back, umm I can get something free,” she said.

Many viewers thought Sydni “fumbled the bag” by settling for free food. Others wondered why she would’ve wanted to eat the food from that store after the incident.

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