Pyrocynical explains why losing Twitch partnership was “fattest W imaginable”

Dylan Horetski
pyrocynical explains why losing twitch partnership was a win
YouTube: Pyrocynical

Niall ‘Pyrocynical’ Comas has thanked Twitch for the “fattest W imaginable” after the platform removed his partnership in early 2022, explaining that he makes more money on YouTube than he ever has before. 

Earning partner status on Twitch isn’t just a status symbol, it also comes with a variety of features to your channel as well as clearer paths of communication with staff.

After months of trying, Pyrocynical successfully became a partner on the platform in early 2022, before losing its status on May 24. He went on to slam Twitch for removing it without a clear explanation in a video less than a week later.

Now, the creator has posted a tweet thanking Twitch for the “fattest W imaginable,” and explained why he had a change of heart.

Pyrocynical on YouTube
Pyrocynical has almost 300k followers on Twitch.

Pyrocynical thanks Twitch for soft-booting him

The creator claims he was booted off the platform because not only did they remove his partnership status, but they also revoked his affiliate role — meaning he cannot make money on the platform at all.

On July 5, Pyrocynical posted a tweet on his alt account detailing why he now thinks getting “soft booted” off of Twitch was the “fattest W imaginable.”

His tweet reads: “Honestly whoever soft booted me off Twitch did me the fattest W imaginable, I’ve got 4x the views and revenue since streaming on YouTube”

On YouTube, Pyrocynical has 4.71m subscribers and receives millions of views on each of his videos uploaded to his main channel.

However, he has received over 550k subscribers on his streaming channel, as well as 100k between his VOD and clip channels.

With YouTube Gaming’s higher 70/30 sub split and his combined subscriber count reaching over five million, it’s understandable that Pyrocynical would make more money on the Google-owned platform.