Psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Doesn’t Realize He’s Livestreaming, Unknowingly Broadcasts Conversation with Wife

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Toronto University, accidentally broadcasted himself browsing the internet and conversing with his wife in an unintended livestream.

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Alongside Dr. Peterson’s work in academia, where he studies multiple facets of psychology, he is also known for his critique of political correctness, gender pay gaps, and climate change.

Dr. Peterson popped up in his followers’ feeds during a surprise livestream, where even he didn’t know he was going live.

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The accidental broadcast began with Peterson appearing to check out his teeth for any leftover bits of food, then settling back into his chair to browse the internet. Viewers can gather that he was staying up to date on political news from the stream’s audio.

Peterson’s wife, Tammy Roberts, appeared two minutes and thirty seconds into the stream, seemingly returning home from work.

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Tammy approached her husband to show him a news article, laughingly saying that it would “make him mad.” The article in question was from the Global News, titled, “Doug Ford is returning Ontario to a 1998 sex-ed curriculum.”

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Roberts and Peterson didn’t appear to be fans of the piece, with Peterson saying, “Fuck you, you fucking pricks,” in response to the one teacher’s view of gender-identity education as being a human rights issue. “I really like the little graph at the end,” he said in reference to a graph showing the number of times certain keywords were used between 1998 and 2015 sex ed curricula.

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Peterson continued streaming for a few more minutes, blissfully ignorant of his online presence. He then appeared to take notice of this and immediately went offline, saying, “I’m livestreaming.”

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Dr. Peterson’s everyday interaction with his wife (thought to be out of the public eye) shows a private side of the psychologist. Peterson has since deleted the stream, but thanks to the never-ending efforts of the internet, the clip is available for all to see.

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