Popular Streamer Destiny Goes on a Rant About People Who Voted for the President- “I am Getting Wealthy off of Your Ignorance”

Published: 3/Sep/2018 21:18 Updated: 20/Nov/2020 12:35

by Virginia Glaze


Massive streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell shared his thoughts on the President’s voters during one of his Twitch broadcasts.

Destiny’s Twitch streams delve into gaming and political discussion alike. Following one of these conversations in a Path of Exile and debate stream, Destiny received a message in his chat that inspired a rant about those who voted for the US President in the 2016 election. The message accused Destiny of twisting a discussion to fit his narrative.

“I personally like how you reduced the Podesta email leaks into a straw-man about pizzagate, when there was so much more dirt in them. Trump won, because everyone saw what was in those emails… it’s that simple.”

Destiny responded in kind, explaining that the commenter had voted for his own tax breaks and healthcare in voting for the US President.

“Aw, dude, I’m so glad you fuckin’ voted for Trump… I’m fine, dude. Because you voted for Trump, I don’t have to pay for healthcare next year… I don’t have to pay a tax burden on it. I can continue to hide money through my business. You’re making me richer, dog. I am getting wealthy off of your ignorance.”

Destiny also stated that the commenter’s job was more likely to be endangered, as well as saying that they had to have a “sub-ninety IQ” because they were “dumb enough to vote for the President.”

Destiny’s language and content have garnered him flack throughout the gaming community, resulting in multiple bans from Twitch and a suspension from Twitter. He continues to stream on Twitch and create YouTube videos, where he showcases his debates and gaming achievements alike.


TheGrefg breaks Ninja’s world record for most-viewed Twitch stream

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:27

by Bill Cooney


Spanish streamer ‘TheGrefg’ has broken Ninja’s world record for most people watching a Twitch stream during the Galactus Fortnite event.

David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas made Twitch history while streaming the Galactus event, which marked the end of Fortnite season 4, when he had more people watching him at once than any other individual Twitch streamer ever has in history.

The Spaniard was watching and reacting to the event, and captures appear to confirm that he reached a total of 660,000 people watching his stream at the same time before Twitch unfortunately crashed.

Twitter: @ArnauVidal
A screenshot showing Grefg surpassing 660K viewers.

The previous record you might remember was held by Ninja from when he teamed up with rapper Drake, where the duo peaked at 635k viewers at once while playing Fortnite back in 2018.

This insane amount of simultaneous viewers in a broadcast was almost double the figures of the previous record, held by  DrDisrespect — now streaming on YouTube — when he had 338,000 during his return stream in February 2018.

Grefg looking over his Twitch stats from Dec. 1

Now, the title for most-watched stream on Twitch now belongs to TheGrefg, and while there are no official figures yet, screenshots and clips definitely seem to indicate the streamer managed to bring in than 660,000 people simultaneously.

Grefg was far from the only streamer posting impressive viewer counts during the Galactus event, which actually “broke” Twitch and caused the site to temporarily crash following the big reveal. This is the big reason why the official viewer count, while definitely impressive, isn’t exactly known just yet.

The event itself officially closed out Fortnite Season 4, with the Season 5 update arriving at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 AM GMT on Wednesday, December 2, according to Epic Games, with downtime expected to last all the way up to 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT.

After that, the brand new season will kick off, and Fortnite fans — including Grefg — will get to check out all of the new content. Whether the streamer will be able to repeat his impressive record-breaking feat remains to be seen, but we certainly wish him the best of luck.