Popular YouTuber Squizzy accused of assaulting ex-partner

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Popular Australian YouTuber Hyojin ‘Squizzy’ Choi has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing ex-partner Punk Duck. He detailed numerous instances in a July 19 dossier, including an alleged assault in 2020.

Squizzy is one of the biggest YouTubers in Australia boasting a following of more than 1 million subscribers thanks to their popular short animation videos. However they are now facing public scrutiny over serious allegations of assault and abuse.

In a dossier titled “my history with my abuser,” Squizzy’s ex-partner Punk Duck detailed the years of abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of the popular YouTuber. The relationship started out with rose-tinted glasses, although looking back he realized there were red flags pointing towards emotional abuse.

“The first six months were mostly fine. Occasionally they would do the classic ‘redirect anger you’re feeling from unrelated issues to your partner’ and berate me but I kept being promised it would stop and I believed it,” Duck said.

“Any time arguments would happen they would always be my fault in one of two ways: either I actually f**ked up, or it was a problem they would cause. I would try to approach them and tell them how they hurt me… and it would instantly turn into emotional manipulation.”

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Squizzy, real name Hyojin Choi, has been accused of abusing and assaulting their ex-partner Punk Duck.

However, things turned physical at the start of 2020. While visiting Squizzy in Australia, Punk Duck retold a story of how the two got into an argument over installing a game on Steam which led to them hitting him “so hard…my head bounced off the wall.”

“This was the first moment I realized I was in an abusive relationship. For a year it was emotional, and now it was physical. So I did what most reasonable people do: I f**king panicked.

“I phoned up one of our friends who lived nearby, explained to him what just happened as quickly as possible and… he saved my life. I ask him if I can stay with him for the remainder of my trip and he instantly agrees. He immediately calls an ambulance to their house and an Uber for myself so I can get to his place.”

While he was packing to leave though, Squizzy allegedly walked in and threatened not only to stab Punk Duck with a knife they got, but also themselves.

“At first they point it at me, then at themself,” he continued. “I lunge to try and disarm them and they scratch up my arm pretty bad. I manage to get the knife but it was at this point that their mother walked in.

“She starts screaming at Hyojin, saying they’re an attention whore, a drama queen, how they always do this, that they’re sick in the head and she just walks away like she didn’t see anything. The police show up along with the ambulance. I tell them what happened, and they take my partner away.”

With criminal charges on the table, Punk Duck decided to forgive Squizzy under the promise of “things getting better”. However, he later said “forgiving them for this was the worst mistake of my life.”

“Letting that go basically opened the floodgates for every piece of textbook abuse you can imagine. How the mildest complication means I don’t love them, constantly suicide baiting ⁠— telling me that if I leave they would kill themselves.”

Punk Duck eventually broke up with Squizzy in 2021 but feared retribution from them because “they are incredibly vindictive.” While the duo kept their distance for a few weeks, they ended up crossing paths again later in the year, with Punk Duck adding “the more I reflected on my experience, the more terrified I was to have them this close to me”.

While Squizzy did apologize privately for the alleged assault, Punk Duck didn’t buy it.

“I brought this up to Hyojin directly and they have apologized to me and reassured me that they are seeking help. While that is nice to hear, I have a hard time believing this because the apology came 24 hours after calling me childish… [and] let’s be real, it feels like somebody else wrote it.”

It comes after Squizzy apologized for a number of other controversies earlier in 2022, including saying racist slurs on stream and drawing NSFW art of an underage YouTuber.

Squizzy is yet to reply to these allegations.