Pokimane thinks AI streamers will take over: “it’ll be very scary”

Eleni Thomas
Pokimane AI streamers

Pokimane believes that AI streamers could be a big thing in the future, the current content creator explaining how this could work and why the idea scares her.

In a recent stream on Twitch, content creator Pokimane spent some time talking to her chat about her thoughts on AI and the role it could play in streaming. The 26-year-old content creator explained her theories in regard to the future of live broadcasts, going in-depth on the idea of AI playing a much larger role in space.

“What if someday we have streamers that evolve from chat GPT?” Pokimane then broke down what that means and how they could work for streaming moving forward.

“For those that don’t” know what that is, “it’s like if you could talk to Google. That’s chat GPT. It’s AI and it’s kind of freaky. It’s kind of scary to be honest but it had me think, you can basically have a conversation with this thing.”

Pokimane then spoke on the idea of AI streamers taking over content creation. “You could just make it a streamer and someday, you know how we have VTubers right now, someday they could probably make a VTuber model and then program it to be an AI streamer. They would just figure it out. Yeah AI streamers. We want this streamer to have a really sweet and bubbly personality and then they’ll just grab all the typical sayings and responses.”

However, Pokimane did double down on the idea that AI streaming is a concept for the future and that – if it were to happen right now – the technology would be less convincing than further down the line.

“I do feel like if they make one right now it’s probably not that advanced, but someday it’ll be very advanced and very scary.”

The concept of AI taking over the streaming place is something that has become a bigger discussion of late. Dexerto’s own Andrew Amos dived deep into the idea in a recent piece about AI VTuber Neuro-sama. In the feature Andrew wrote how, “artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere on the internet nowadays, acting as art generators, chatbots, and other forms of communication. Neuro-sama is an example of that, with the AI VTuber conquering Twitch and osu! at the same time.”

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