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Pokimane stunned by fan’s “cute” Minecraft marriage proposal

Published: 6/May/2020 19:49

by Virginia Glaze


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s top broadcasters, known for her popular streams and humorous interactions with fans — one of whom approached her with a unique “marriage” proposal.

While it’s no secret that Pokimane boasts a massive fanbase, some of her viewers take their enthusiasm to the next level, as seen in the case of a fan during a May 5 broadcast.

Anys was in the middle of speaking to her chat when she received a two dollar donation, which had a completely unexpected “proposal” for the streamer in its accompanying message.

pokimanelol, Instagram
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s top broadcasters, boasting over 4 million followers on the platform.

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“It really is time, Poki,” the fan wrote. “Chat, shut up for a second. This is important. Will you marry me on Minecraft? I own three cows, twelve chickens, two cats, and one dog. I’m just a simple farmer, but I have big dreams. You can finally retire from being a Twitch e-girl.”


Although visibly surprised by the fan’s message at first, it seems that Anys was taken by their “simple farmer with big dreams” bit, letting out a lengthy, “Awww!”

“Stop, that’s so cute!” she exclaimed, breaking into a laugh. “Finally!”

As one of the world’s most popular sandbox games, it comes as little surprise that fans create in-game events to mirror real life – including “marriages.”

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“Your ASMR is relaxing,” the donation message continued. “Any new ones coming?”

“Thank you!” Pokimane responded to the donator. “I don’t know! I am very, very proud of the ASMR collection that I’ve made so far. Maybe someday I’ll get a real feel for doing something else.”

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time the streamer has been met with a similar sort of “proposal” : the star was also approached by a fan during TwitchCon 2019, who asked her to be his girlfriend with a note during a meet-and-greet photoshoot.


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Unfortunately, she shot down his big dreams, writing back, “Don’t ask people out at TwitchCon.”

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While being put on the spot in front of hundreds of people could be nerve-wracking for anyone, Pokimane’s responses to these humorous “proposals” shows that she knows how to handle unexpected confessions — even if they are just practical jokes.