Pokimane shares crazy story about confronting brother’s childhood bully

YouTube: OfflineTV Podcast / Unsplash

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys retold a hilarious story from her childhood on episode six of the OfflineTV podcast, and explained why she cornered her brother’s bully.

If you were ever bullied as a child, you’ll understand how horrible it feels to be the victim of another person’s harassment, and how lonely it can be when dealing with it.

Luckily for Pokimane’s brother, he had his sister in his corner to help him confront his aggressor, as told in a comical tale during the February 2 upload of the OfflineTV podcast.

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Pokimane posing for Instagram selfieInstagram: @pokimanelol
The streaming star grew up in Morocco and then immigrated to Canada before moving to the USA.

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Pokimane confronts bully

During a portion of the episode where the cast were talking about growing up with brothers and sisters, the 23-year-old remembered something from her own childhood. “One of my earliest memories with my brother was when we were in Morocco,” she began. “I was in Morocco until I was four, and I don’t know why but I was angel until one years old, devil until four, and then angel when I moved to Canada, don’t know why.”

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“During that time, we were like in an apartment or something, and my brother came home crying, and we’re like “what happened?!” and like, apparently some kid hit him downstairs in the play area!” she continued.

The Twitch personality then hilarious revealed how little four-year-old Pokimane went and squared up to the bully. “So me being like f**king four, I don’t know, I walked downstairs, I go up to this dude, I tap him on the shoulder and I’m like “Did you hit my brother?!” and he goes “Yeah!” and I just smacked him!” she laughed.

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(Timestamp 38:12 for mobile viewers.)

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Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan exclaimed “Hooooly s**t!” upon hearing the tale while the rest of the OfflineTV crew erupted into roars of laughter. “I just frickin’ yeeted him!” the Moroccan-Canadian giggled as she motioned a slap with her arm.

“Didn’t something similar also happen with a girl? Didn’t you hit a girl as well?” Fed asked. “Listen, yeah, okay, in grade nine, but she kept hitting me!” she replied. “It was in class, it was so weird!”

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“I was like stop it, and she didn’t stop, and I was like BOOM!” she continued, as she made another arm motion to replicate the punch. “Did she stop after that?” Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki asked. “Ohhh, yeah!” Poki responded. “That’s what I’m saying!”

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While Pokimane claims she was a devilish child up until the age of four, she grew up to become a popular face on Twitch and becoming the most successful female on the platform.

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At the time of writing, she boasts over 3.8 million followers on the Amazon-owned service, as well as millions across her Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

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