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Pokimane reveals how “scary” viewer showed up at the OfflineTV house

Published: 9/Feb/2020 0:14

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys opened up to her audience during her February 8th 2020 broadcast, and detailed a terrifying experience of when a fan unexpectedly showed up near the OfflineTV house. 

Being a successful streamer requires building a relationship with your audience. However for some personalities, those lines become crossed when a viewer truly starts to believe they are friends with them.

Twitch’s biggest female star Pokimane opened up about this during her recent broadcast, and explained why she has to keep her guard up. She even revealed a scary story when a donator tried to meet her in real life without permission.

Instagram: @pokimanelol
Pokimane is the most popular female streamer on Twitch.

Fan shows up near Pokimane’s house

The streamer was reacting to a viral music video on YouTube called “Obsession” by penguinz0 when she decided to open up about her own experience with a fan similar to the one in the song.

“He just wasn’t all there in the head. He would like, send bits, and he would think that just because I respond, like that means we are friends. Like, real life friends. It’s like you guys are my community. And in a sense we are friends. But for this guy, it was way more than that,” she said.

She then detailed a scary situation where the fan tried to meet her in real life. “He showed up near our OTV house. It was difficult to deal with because I could tell he just didn’t understand. That when I respond to bits and am like thank you, it doesn’t mean that I personally know who you are. Or that you know personally who I am. Or that you can come to my house!” Pokimane said.

The Twitch star also revealed during the stream that she wishes that she could be closer with some of her fans, but was afraid that some might take it the wrong way.

“Sometimes I always wish that I could sometimes have a closer connection with certain members of my community. But I’ve always avoided talking to donators or communicating with people really outside of stream time. Because I don’t want them to develop a parasocial relationship,” she continued.

Proving her point, a viewer nastily commented that the streamer only felt that way because of her ego. Responding, she said, “It doesn’t matter what you do, people will twist it however they want in their mind. Even if you message them to be nice and be grateful for their donation in their mind they will be like “Oh she’s messaging me because she likes me!”

The 23-year-old then clarified why it’s better to not let delusional viewers have expectations grow. “And if you’re like oh I won’t message people, “your ego is too f**king high, you big b**ch” … Either way I’m being a b**ch. So I might as well be a safe b**ch, and not make it more likely for people to have expectations of me they shouldn’t,” she said.

Unlike traditional celebrities, streamers have made their success by directly connecting with fans. However Pokimane’s scary story shows the downside to the medium, as some viewers can’t distinguish the lines between being a viewer and a friend.

The Twitch star continues to crush it on the platform, growing her audience to over 3.8 million followers. The Moroccan Canadian personality also has extremely successful Instagram and YouTube accounts as well, making her a juggernaut in entertainment.


David Dobrik spooked after drone leaves “creepy” note at his home

Published: 24/Oct/2020 13:21

by Georgina Smith


Yet again, something bizarre has been dropped off at YouTuber David Dobrik’s house, this time a bag of Chipotle along with a slightly unnerving note flown into his backyard via drone.

David Dobrik has accumulated an enormous fan base on YouTube both as part of the Vlog Squad and as an independent creator. With 18.5 million subscribers, and 23.5 million followers on TikTok, he’s certainly not short of people who love his content and personality.

However, being an online personality of such a large scale comes with its lack of privacy, and that exposure to the world in turn has some bizarre side effects, as David has experienced before.

Earlier in October, the content creator was stunned to find that someone had left an actual kitten on his doorstep in a duffel bag. CCTV footage captured a mysterious stranger placing the bag at his door, but their identity could not be determined.

David Dobrik, Instagram
YouTube star David Dobrik is one of the platform’s most popular content creators, boasting over 18 million subscribers.

Clearly that incident has inspired others to try their luck at delivering something to his house without direct consent.

Mysterious drone arrives for David Dobrik

In a video uploaded to his TikTok account, David showed a small drone placing a paper bag of Chipotle in his backyard. “Bro, this is so scary. Someone f**king flew Chipotle on a drone into my backyard, I’m not f**king kidding. What if it’s a f**king bomb, what do I do?”

@daviddobrikIve never seen something like this♬ original sound – DAVID DOBRIK

Also attached to the machine was a little green bag, which when opened revealed some other items along with a small orange handwritten note.

The note stated “you probably do not know who we are. But soon, the name Project better will be much more familiar. Thank you for being awesome, see you soon.”

An orage letter sent to David Dobrik
TikTok: daviddobrik
The letter was definitely a little bit strange.

The mysterious group went on to say that “if you want to film it we’ll be at the nearest Chipotle on riverside with one picture on it. PS: the sauce is half-full because it was too heavy. Enjoy.”

While the incident appears to be relatively well-intentioned, it clearly freaked David and his friends out. The mysterious note referring to a group that will soon be “familiar” to him is certainly eerie, as is the ease at which it was able to access his yard.

It’s not yet clear whether David will really end up meeting the senders of the drone, or even if he ate the food it brought, but people certainly found it interesting as the video now has over 600,000 likes and 2.6 million views.