Pokimane makes Twitch vow after hitting huge streaming milestone

Pokimane Twitch MilestoneTwitter: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys made an emotional vow to her fans after thanking them for hitting an “overwhelming and astounding” milestone on Twitch and reflecting on her journey as a streamer. 

Pokimane has always said perseverance is the key to becoming a successful streamer, and even though she’s been on top of the world for a while now, she’s always held that close to heart.

Despite being told time and again her streaming career wasn’t going to happen and she’d wind up back at school, she defied the odds and made it work, and it’s led her to where she is today — hitting eight million followers on Twitch.

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Pokimane was ecstatic when it happened on-stream, and immediately took the time to thank her viewers for their support.

“Thank you! I don’t even know what to say. I appreciate you guys so, so much,” she said. She went on to describe the platform as her “home” and said she was “so happy” to “still be here” and “leave her mark.”

But when she thinks about the “overwhelming and astounding” milestone, all she sees is “so many memories and so many games.”

“We have really been through so much. It’s insane,” she said. “I genuinely feel like, no matter what the future holds, I’ve made some lifelong internet friends and I hope that I can continue being a force of positivity for you guys.”  

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Pokimane’s milestone makes her the sixth most-followed streamer on Twitch and the biggest female streamer on the platform. The only people with more followers are AuronPlay, Shroud, Rubius, Tfue, and Ninja — all of whom are Twitch royalty in their own right.

But if her popularity continues, it’s only a matter of time before she climbs even higher on the charts, regardless of the fact it’s not her main goal.