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Pokimane breaks down while explaining why she “needs to live on a farm”

Published: 7/Feb/2020 6:36

by Andrew Amos


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys only wants the best for everyone ⁠— that’s why she wants to move to a farm, breaking down on stream while explaining why the change of scenery is the perfect next step after streaming.

Pokimane is one of the most wholesome streamers on Twitch, often lending a comforting shoulder to her viewers as well as other prominent broadcasters.

However, sometimes Pokimane needs a little bit of alone time to think through her own life and let it all out, she admitted during her February 5 stream.

Twitter: Pokimane
Pokimane loves her cat Mimi dearly, to the point of breaking down on stream after explaining why she only wants the best for her.

While streaming, and “feeling emotional,” Pokimane burst into tears when the topic of cats came up. Being a cat mom, Pokimane will do anything for her pride and joy Mimi, but the thought of not doing enough scared the streamer.


That’s why she wants to move to a farm. “‘Cats are literally made for the outside’,” she said, reading a viewer’s message, before reflecting on it and making a decision for her future. “I need to live on a farm, oh my god. I just realized that’s what I want.

“I want to live on a farm where I can just have a cat and let them go and know it’ll be okay because then it’ll come back at least 99% of the time and I’ll know it’s just safe,” she added as she continued to think.


As the emotes started rolling in from her viewers, Pokimane became a bit self-aware of her emotional state. However, that didn’t stop her from wanting to change how she lives her life, even wishing she could morph into a close friend.

“I’m crying about my potential farm. Who am I, Greek? I wanna be Greek. Oh my god,” she said, tearing up in her chair.

She did shift the blame of her rather emotional outburst onto hormones, but that didn’t stop Pokimane from reiterating her usual positive attitude towards life.

“This is what being hormonal is like man. I can’t believe it. I have so many feelings for Mimi, you know, and all cats. I just want her to be happy. I just want everyone to be happy. I want to be happy too, this just stresses me out.”


Pokimane crying on Twitch stream
Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane struggled to keep the tears back while explaining why she wants a farm for Mimi.

The streamer might just make such a move once her streaming career is over to take a break from the city lights and just chill with her cat. If enough of the OfflineTV crew get on board, maybe they might move the whole stream team out of town.

Either way, while her viewers got a kick out of her outburst, it just further showed how compassionate Pokimane can be. She’s one of the platform’s most wholesome streamers, and this moment is just another badge to add to the collection.