LazarBeam gets last laugh after triple-pranking MrFreshAsian's stream

by Scott Robertson
YouTube: LazarBeam / Pixabay


Popular YouTuber Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott was literally rolling on the floor laughing after he trolled MrFreshAsian’s Fortnite stream with not one, not two, but three pranks.

The Australian YouTuber, who shares an office with fellow streamer MrFreshAsian, captured his antics on his latest upload ‘Pranking My Friend’s Livestream’.

LazarBeam started by logging in to his victim’s Epic Games account on another computer, signing him out of his account in the midst of his stream. Then he went into the settings and deleted all the keybinds that he could.

LazarBeam has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube after a massive growth period in the summer of 2018.


However, MrFreshAsian managed to save his stream even when he was freefalling, replacing the majority of his keybinds before beginning a Fortnite solo match.

Lazarbeam wasn’t deterred though, returning the next day with another prank that literally popped off.

With a team of accomplices, the Australian filled MrFreshAsian’s streaming room to the brim with balloons. When the popular Fortnite streamer arrived, Lazar offered him a deal – he would get rid of the balloons, but only if the streamer got a victory royale.



Lannan didn’t make it easy, batting balloons around the office to distract MrFreshAsian upon every elimination. Yet MrFreshAsian ended up getting his victory, and celebrated in his balloon-filled room.

Lazar gave MrFreshAsian a knife to pop the balloons with, but little did he know that the blade would play a part in the final prank.

As a trick, Lazar’s friend and fellow YouTuber told MrFreshAsian to pop the balloons again with a knife before they hit the ground, saying it was for TikTok. .What MFA didn’t know was that one of the balloons was a water balloon and when he popped it and soaked himself, Lannan fell on the floor laughing.

Man holding water balloon next to man with knife
YouTube: LazarBeam
Seconds before the trifecta of pranks was pulled off.


A perfect 3/3 from Lazarbeam, and a rough day overall for MrFreshAsian. But at least he got that Victory Royale.

Let LazarBeam’s latest antics be a lesson; never leave your streaming office unlocked if you share a space with other content creators.