Poker Player Prematurely Celebrates $1 Million Tournament In Awkward Fashion on Twitch Stream

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The prospect of winning 1 million dollars would excite anyone, but professional poker player, Sang Liu, failed to hold back his excitement during an all-in hand that could have earned him the prize. 

Seemingly on the verge of victory, he expressed his joy as if no one else were watching him prance, dance, and woo about.

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The June 7th Las Vegas $565 buy-in ‘Colossus’ tournament saw over 13,000 competitors try to take home the $1 million cash prize.

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Poker Central hosted the event on their official Twitch channel for fans to watch as the competition dwindled down to the final table.

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Sang Liu faced off against Roberly Felicio to see who would take home the first prize and close out the event with the win.

Liu used his chip lead to force Felicio all-in and with Jack, Ten to a Jack, Eight the odds were heavily in Liu’s favor as the flop passed.

As the turn came, his odds of winning were 80%, and the following clip shows how things proceeded.

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The early celebration may have seemed like fast acting karma as Felicio would then go on to win the event.

Liu still walked away with $500,000 in prize money, so he might not be that upset.

Fans can catch more high stakes poker on the same Twitch channel as World Series of Poker continues.