PewDiePie reaches 67 million subscribers on YouTube ahead of T-Series takedown

Virginia Glaze

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has been the undisputed king of YouTube for the past five years, and has just reached another massive milestone on the platform.

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The YouTuber now sits at over 67 million subscribers – more than any other channel on the site.

Felix posted about his achievement in a recent Tweet, which revealed that it could very well mark his last achievement to be the first to accomplish on YouTube.

“Just hit 67 million subs!,” he wrote. “Probably my last milestone to be first at reaching.”

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His Tweet is likely in response to Bollywood music label T-Series, which is projected to surpass PewDiePie in terms of subscribers in early 2019.

The channel is growing at a rapid rate, and currently holds over 65 million subscribers – only two million from PewDiePie’s recent reigning count.

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However, PewDiePie has since questioned the validity of the channel’s subscriber base after finding allegations from Reddit that claim users in India are automatically subscribed to T-Series when they create a YouTube account. In addition, their videos generally do not surpass 200,000 views – a fairly massive disparity that Felix made sure to note in his diss track of the channel.

T-Series has been cited as gaining a whopping 150,000 subscribers per day; When combined with India’s massive population and wide internet user base, it looks as though PewDiePie won’t be able to stand in the face of his new enemy – but he will still remain as YouTube’s largest single creator when it happens.