Perez Hilton explains why he “loves” Charli D’Amelio Hype House beef

YouTube: Perez Hilton / Charli D'Amelio

Infamous internet reporter Perez Hilton has responded to criticism over his comments on TikTok star Charli D’Amelio’s video where she’s dancing in a bikini, claiming he “loves” the beef.

While on vacation in the Bahamas in early March, D’Amelio uploaded a dancing TikTok video with Avani Gregg while in a bikini on a sunny beach – both of which are part of the ‘Hype House,’ a content house made just for the app’s top personalities.

Celebrity journalist Perez Hilton commented on the clip, taking issue with her age and the choice of song since it contained references to an inappropriate act. “Anyone else think it’s inappropriate for a 15-year-old to dance to this?” he said, causing her to hit back with “i’m sorry i’m just trying to have fun.” He later responded again and said “I wish I looked that good in a bikini at 15,” fueling the fire further.

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Continuing the back and forth, the 41-year-old then moved onto making TikTok videos of his own about the situation, causing Hype House Instagram account ‘hypehouseshaderoom’ to comment.

“Wouldn’t be shocked if he had something,” one post read, alongside a screenshot of one of the reporter’s videos, seemingly with no idea of who he is.

Another image showed the comments section of one of Perez’s uploads where a fan asked the journalist “How old are u again?” which prompted him to reply with “Almost 50.”

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On March 5, the internet personality took to YouTube to livestream his thoughts on the beef with Hype House and Charli D’Amelio, and to explain his side of things. “Literally as I am broadcasting live, my TikTok is blowing up and I love it! I have a message for the youth…” he began, as he lifted up his shirt to the camera to reveal the text ‘I give 0 f**ks’ displayed across it.

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 “These people still are letting me have it over me asking a question on the biggest TikTokker of the moment’s account when she did a video earlier this week gyrating, moving in an adult way to a song about taking big D!” he continued. “All I asked was, is it appropriate of her to be doing this? My main issue was with her parents, not her!”

“For days now, they’re still letting me have it, and I am in heaven! I love it! Thank you children! My [account] is getting so many views, I’m getting so many new followers, I love it!” he finished.

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Despite Perez’s comments, Charli has continued to upload many videos while on vacation in the Bahamas, showing that she’s clearly not phased by the situation at all.

She is the biggest personality on the viral video application at only 15 years old, boasting over 33.4 million followers at the time of writing.