PayMoneyWubby makes Mixer an ‘irresistible’ offer after Twitch ban

Andrew Amos
YouTube: PayMoneyWubby / Mixer

Twitch star ‘PayMoneyWubby’ has made rival streaming platform Mixer an offer to take him across the pond, but they’re going to have to pay big bucks for it.

PayMoneyWubby is one of the biggest Twitch streamers, with his broadcasts capturing the attention of thousands of viewers every day. However, his suspension on November 15 put the brakes on his channel, and sent the streamer’s fanbase reeling.

Now, Wubby is putting the pressure on the streaming giant, making their biggest rival Mixer an ‘offer’ to join them exclusively.

YouTube: PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby has made Mixer an “offer” they can’t refuse.

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On his November 24 broadcast, Wubby broke down his “friendly” relationship with Mixer, and what it would take for the two to finally become best buddies once and for all.

“Here’s the thing, I want to be your friend,” he said. “We can work something out, we can fake it, but just like your mom said, you are going to have to pay me to be your friend right now. 

“Maybe not for long, things might happen — I might have to change schools and then we have to be friends — but right now, I’ll be your friend to the tune of $5 million for five years. But at this point, that’s where it’s going to stay.”

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While buying friends isn’t usually a tactic that works, he’s still looking after his little friend, even finding him a seat in his figurative living room to chill on throughout the rest of his stream.

“I don’t want you to leave, I’m not going to get rid of you, I’m just going to put you on the shelf. You are just going to sit there on that comfy couch.”

The offer was made in jest, but it could be a serious consideration. Since his ban was overturned, he’s come back to Twitch with vengeance, hitting 200,000 followers on November 23, and almost cracking 11,000 subs on November 24.

PayMoneyWubby has exploded on his return to Twitch.

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On a more serious tone though, Wubby commented that Mixer need to be more diverse in the personalities they grab from Twitch. They’ve got a bunch of talented gamers, but they need the big entertainers to really draw the numbers over.

“You can bring the Shroud’s, you can bring the Ninja’s, those guys are replaceable,” he said. “But you need to be bringing the xQc’s, the Poppins’, the Wubby’s, even the f*cking Ludwig’s.

“Shroud hits crazy shots and is incredibly good at video games, but so is every 12 year old on the platform.”

Twitter: shroud
Streamers like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek have made the jump to Mixer

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It comes after Wubby was banned from Twitch for five days after breaking the platform’s privacy Community Guideline. The popular Just Chatting streamer was broadcasting in a restaurant he allegedly had permission to do, but Twitch believed he was still invading the privacy of others.

With the streamer wars heating up, Mixer might take Wubby up on that offer, or at least negotiate to secure one of Twitch’s biggest personalities. As he sees it, it’s a pretty good deal, and maybe down the line the two can warm up to become best buddies.