Parents warned after TikTok ‘tranquilizer challenge’ sends multiple kids to hospital

tiktok tranquilizer challengeTikTok/Pixabay

A dangerous new TikTok challenge has sent multiple kids to the hospital, prompting warnings to parents about their children potentially using tranquilizers.

TikTok challenges have been both controversial and viral over the years. While some are wholesome fun, others like the Orbeez Challenge can result in police action.

Now, a wild new challenge involving tranquilizers has been making the rounds and parents are being warned about the potentially deadly challenge.

According to reports, fifteen children in Mexico have been hospitalized after taking Clonazepam and then trying to stay awake – something that could have negative consequences.

Kids rushed to hospital after TikTok ‘tranquilizer challenge’

Clonazepam is a powerful drug that’s used to combat panic attacks and because some pharmacies in Mexico allow it to be sold without a prescription, it’s rather easy to obtain.

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Local media claims that four of the fifteen children taken to the hospital had severe side effects. In addition to memory issues, nausea, and drowsiness, at worst, taking the drug can result in coma and death.

TikTok websiteUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
Parents have been warned about the ‘tranquilizer challenge’ on TikTok.

As such, health officials are urging drugstores to stop selling it without a prescription and the mayor of Guanajuato is even insisting parents not to let their kids have social media accounts.

Dangerous TikTok challenges have often rubbed health officials the wrong way with many of the platform’s most controversial trends being fatal.

Last year, a 14-year-old boy died after attempting the Blackout Challenge where one is supposed to hold one’s breath long enough to cause temporary unconsciousness.

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