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Hitch hilariously breaks down OpTic Gaming’s controversial buyout saga

Published: 9/Jun/2019 20:55 Updated: 9/Jun/2019 22:48

by Alan Bernal


The OpTic Gaming buyout has been a controversial and confusing saga for many esports fans, so popular Greenwall streamer Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards gave a hilariously straightforward breakdown for possible repercussions to come.

The esports community was stunned when rumors and ramblings of a possible OpTic buyout by the Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) dominated the headlines, as it could have signaled the end of the Greenwall or at least a much different approach to it.


But now there’s been a lot more clarity of the situation as it pertains to the OpTic brand, which didn’t help fans who were worried about the iconic esports brand changing in the near future.

Hitch YouTubeHitch couldn’t contain himself explaining the possible outcome of the OpTic buyout.

In a hysterical analysis of the possible fallout from the OpTic buyout, Hitch used intriguing props to paint the picture for fans who were murky on what the major transaction could mean for Greenwall fans.


“Even if the OpTic logo is owned by another company that has their own logo,” Hitch said. “they’re not just going to get rid of this OpTic logo.”

Hitch then reached for some sunglasses representing the allure of Immortals’ logo and the OpTic one, saying of the Greenwall glasses: “…The only issue is, (OpTic’s) logo is only cool whenever certain people are rocking it.”

(Timestamp at 0:42 for mobile viewers)


He then awkwardly afixed the glasses representing the Greenwall on a bottle of Bacardi saying that when fans see the OpTic logo on people they aren’t familiar with “they’re going to get so much hate” for rocking it.

According to Hitch, this would eventually lead to backlash for IGC from OpTic fans that aren’t appreciating the change.

Old GuardThe logo for the group consisting of popular OpTic members.

What’s next for Hitch and the rest of OpTic

In his demonstration, Hitch said that an easy fix for the possible outcome would be to give the OpTic logo back to its original owners. Since that might not be in the cards, he said there’s already talk of the “Old Guard” making something new.


“Even though (Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez) worked for a long time to make (OpTic) something special. Since we’re so in the dark and we have been for so long, maybe eventually, we with the old fans of the (OpTic logo), make our own (brand).”

Old GuardWith all the controversy surrounding the popular OpTic brand, Hitch enlightened fans of what could be coming.

Hitch said there was already rumblings of the move within his circle: “Meanwhile I don’t know if I have a job… then Will comes up to me and he’s like ‘Yo, we’re starting our own thing.’”


Whatever the future holds for OpTic and the people in them, it’s bound to keep old fans glued to the latest news to come.


Hacksmith creates real Star Wars lightsaber that cuts through anything

Published: 16/Oct/2020 14:23

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber the Hacksmith has gone viral after perfectly recreating a Star Wars lightsaber in real life — and it can cut through literally anything.

No matter how long Star Wars goes on, or how old the fans become, lightsabers will always be one of the coolest things in the world, iconic in the world of cinema and something all fans wish they had.


Of course, it’s possible to get replica lightsabers in all different styles, ranging from cheap plastic ones, to full-blown replicas costing hundreds of dollars if you’re looking to get an authentic one that feels as though it’s straight from a galaxy far, far away.

But, sometimes even those don’t cut it, and the Hacksmith took it upon himself to create a lightsaber that could cut through basically anything, just like the ones from the movies — and he got it almost spot on.

YouTube Hacksmith Aquaman trident
Instagram: thehacksmith
The Hacksmith makes all kinds of fun gadgets from films and TV, including Aquaman’s trident.

After making the world’s first retractable plasma lightsaber, James Hobson and his crew had to fully test the device to see how it actually works and, as expected, it’s basically perfect.

The temperature reaches highs of 4000°F (2200°C), which is absurdly hot, and slices through a replica Stormtrooper model like butter.

After proving that the new device could easily take down enemy stormtroopers, the Hacksmith had to test it out on even bigger obstructions, as they tore through walls, cut holes in cars, and even ripped another lightsaber in half, just to prove how powerful there new recreation was.


The crew even decided to cook some meat with the lightsaber — albeit, the end result didn’t look too appetizing, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Clearly, and it goes without saying, this isn’t something you should try to replicate at home. This is exclusively for trained Jedi, and looks dangerous at even the best of times. Dangerous… but still pretty cool, and something Yoda himself would be impressed by.