OnlyFans star says future children can “cry in a Ferrari” if they don’t like her career

OnlyFans Elle Brooke on Piers Morgan UncensoredPiers Morgan Uncensored

OnlyFans star and influencer Elle Brooke talked to Piers Morgan about her career choice and said her future children can “cry in a Ferrari” if they don’t like what she does.

OnlyFans creator Elle Brooke, 25, appeared on TalkTV on June 6th where she talked to Piers Morgan about her influencer career on OnlyFans, being one of the top 0.1% performers on the site.

However, Piers, 58, did not seem convinced about Elle’s choice of career as he went on to discuss her having dropped out of law school to pursue OnlyFans.

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He said: “I’m curious about you being someone who embarked on a law career was obviously very bright, went to university, packed it in, just for money. To be effectively an online stripper. I mean, that’s what you do, right?”

Laughing at his description of her job, Elle corrected him by saying: “Way worse than an online stripper.

“Online strippers get naked, I do things that are way more grotesque. Pornography, anything but it’s all within what I want to do and I absolutely love it.

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“And I’m really good at it. You know, I could be a good lawyer, yes, but am I good at doing other things on video and camera, yes.”

Piers then asked Elle what things would be like when she has kids, to which the influencer replied she wasn’t ready for children.

Not accepting that answer, Piers went on: “Are you going to be proud that you have your little ones and they look at you and go, ‘didn’t you want to be a lawyer, mummy, what happened?’ and you say ‘yeah but look at all my stuff’.”

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Elle replied quickly: “They can cry in a Ferrari.”

Fans are praising Elle for her answer

The clip of Elle discussing her hypothetical future children with Piers on his show was soon shared on Twitter and fans praised the influencer for her quick and witty answers.

Commenting on the video, Elle wrote: “Iconic if I do say so myself.”

Others seemed to agree with her, with another person commenting: “Elle Brooke is one of the greatest.”

A second viewer wrote: “I absolutely think she is delightful and a breath of fresh air.”

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“Lmao… Piers was speechless with that last statement,” a third person wrote.

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