Official Overwatch channel banned on Twitch and no one knows why

Overwatch banned on TwitchTwitch/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans were left absolutely baffled after Twitch unexpectedly banned the official Korean Overwatch account for seemingly no reason.

2022 has been a wild year for Twitch bans. The year saw Pokimane receive her first-ever ban on the platform for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and earlier in March, chess grandmaster GMHikaru was suspended for watching Dr Disrespect on YouTube.

Now, the hits keep on rolling with the Amazon-owned platform banning the Overwatchkr account on March 24.

Fans are left absolutely confused and had no idea why the account was taken offline, especially seeing as it hadn’t been live in five days.

Twitch bans official Overwatch account

On March 24, the Twitter account StreamerBans revealed that Overwatchkr had been banned on Twitch, sparking a lot of discussions among fans.

According to the stat-tracking site Twitchmetrics, The Korean account was last live on March 18 to broadcast a match between Talon and O2 Blast.

Some viewers immediately started joking that Overwatch was a dead game that hadn’t been updated in some time and that’s why Twitch banned the account.

Others simply couldn’t believe the account violated the site’s guidelines and demanded to know what it had done wrong to earn a ban.

Despite the reason being unclear, it’s also unknown how long the ban will last for. This could prove to be troublesome, especially if Blizzard had planned an Overwatch 2 stream for Korean audiences on Twitch.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens and if the ban was down in error or if the channel actually is deserving of the punishment.