Noah Schnapp reaches out to distraught TikToker after no one shows up to birthday party

Noah Schnapp reaches out to distraught TikToker after no one shows up to birthday partyTIKTOK: addieraej/INSTAGRAM: NOAHSCHNAPP

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp reached out to a distraught TikToker after no one showed up to her mom’s birthday party.

A TikToker recently went viral on the social media app, after revealing that over 40 invited guests failed to show up to her mother’s birthday party.

“My mom threw herself a birthday party and invited over 40 people. It’s 5pm, no one showed up and it started at 4pm, I’m crying,” the mom’s devastated daughter shared while crying in a video.

“She made food and cleaned the whole house too,” the heartbroken teenager, Addie, added in a comment under the clip.

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Her video quickly went viral, amassing over 16 million views, and it even captured the attention of ‘Stranger Things‘ actor Noah Schnapp, who cheered the pair up with his comment.

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Noah Schnapp reaches out to TikToker’s mom

“I would be there! Happy birthday,” Noah wrote in the comment section, after the viral TikTok video showed up on his feed.

In response, Addie shared a follow-up video of her mom smiling and dancing after she received the actor’s well wishes. 

“Mom who only cares that Noah Schnapp knows she exists,” Addie joked.

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The TikToker also revealed that only six people responded to the Facebook party invite “and not even they showed,” as the unnamed mom celebrated her birthday alone with her daughters.

In an updated video, Addie showed her and her sisters singing happy birthday to their mom to make the most of the celebrations. The birthday girl was seen blowing out candles on her cake while surrounded by her family.

Additionally, the mom received an overwhelming amount of support from users all around the world, which the teenager was very appreciative of.

“Thank you to everyone who’s showing me and my mom so much love. I appreciate all of you more than you know,” Addie wrote under her viral video.

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