Ninja plays Fortnite with fake Drake after Drake’s account is hacked – hacker gets racist on stream


Ninja believed that he was playing Fortnite with Drake once again during a charity stream on November 23 – but it turned out to be a hacker on Drake’s account.

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The account ‘Duddus647’ randomly joined Ninja’s game while he was doing a charity livestream to raise money for the Ellen Fund, in collaboration with the Ellen show.

Believing that it was in fact Drake, Ninja attempted to text the rapper, saying “I’m not sure if Drake meant to invite me?” – before jumping into a game.

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With the Drake account completely silent at first, Ninja began to play as normal, assuming that the star was maybe just setting up his microphone and audio.

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Things seemed perfectly normal (if one of the most famous people in the world randomly joining your game of Fortnite can ever be considered ‘normal’), and Ninja quickly got to taking out opponents.

Suddenly however, “Drake” broke his silence, except of course it wasn’t Drake at all, but rather a hacker who had gained access to the account – and began saying the N-word repeatedly.

Warning: This clip contains very offensive language.

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Ninja immediately left the game and said he will inform Drake that his account has been hacked, as well as report the player to Epic Games.

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“I’ll be sending [Drake] a message and letting him know, that his account was hacked. I’m going to report that guy to Epic, and hopefully they can do something pretty serious about that.”

Ninja’s suspicions were already raised by a number of factors, including the account having very high ping, which seemed to indicate they were in Europe.

Drake also previously played on PlayStation, but the user on the account appeared to be playing PC, presumably having hacked into Drake’s Epic Games account somehow and accessing it on PC rather than PS4. This is why his in game name also appeared differently to the previous name of ‘TheBoyDuddus’

Epic Games will presumably work to get Drake’s account back and secure it from any hackers, but whether they will be able to catch the hacker is unclear.

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