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Ninja explains why he’s taking an unplanned few days away from streaming

Published: 16/Aug/2019 18:29 Updated: 16/Aug/2019 18:43

by Virginia Glaze


World-famous streamer Tyler Fortnite star is putting the brakes on his constant streaming schedule.

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Ninja updated fans with a wholesome Tweet on August 15, announcing that he was taking the evening off to spend time with his father and encouraging his audience to enjoy their Thursday.

“Reminder today that I hanging with my pops and chilling with my family later tonight,” Ninja wrote. “Have a great Thursday everyone.”

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However, that wasn’t the end of his break: Ninja went on to announce that he is taking two additional days off from his near-constant broadcasting, explaining that he wants to spend time with his family and loved ones.


“Last night was incredibly epic, and it made me realize even more how important family is and spending time with loved ones,” Ninja Tweeted. “I’m taking today and tomorrow off of streaming to do just that. I love you all.”

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While Ninja has taken ample time off from streaming in the past, this marks his first “major” break since moving to Mixer – a move that some fans considered dangerous, due to losing potential views by stepping away from his massive platform on Twitch.

Despite this concern, Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins explained that the duo was content with this potential loss, stating that they were “ready and confident” for the transition and felt that it aligned with “what we believe in and wanted for the brand.”


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Ninja’s recent break from Mixer follows his two-day break from Twitch in 2018, when the star took a breather from broadcasting to travel to E3 for the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am.

This break didn’t come without consequence – the streamer made a public note that he’d lost 40,000 subscribers due to his hiatus, making special mention of the “grind” that streaming demands in comparison to other jobs.

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“Wanna know the struggles of streaming over other jobs?” Ninja explained. “I left for less than 48 hours and lost 40,000 subscribers on Twitch.”

While Ninja seems confident in his plans to take another large break, fans will have to sit tight to hear from their favorite streamer for the next two days, with the star set to return to Mixer on August 18, 2019.