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Ninja defends King Bach amid relentless social media trolling

Published: 8/May/2020 18:56

by Virginia Glaze


Former Vine star and actor Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor woke up the morning of May 8 to find himself being “canceled” on Twitter — but found a surprising defense in Mixer streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Social media is a hive for so-called “cancel culture,” with a new “#xyzpersonisoverparty” trending seemingly every day on Twitter for various perceived wrongdoings — and sometimes, for no reason at all.

King Bach has become one such personality affected by these “cancel parties,” with Twitter seemingly dubbing his former viral Vine content “unfunny,” among other accusations.

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Among the various memes clowning on the social media celeb was a reply to Bach’s Tweet on the subject, which succinctly described the collective outrage.


“To be fair, we don’t hate you, just think you’re not funny,” the critic wrote. “That being said, you secured the bag, and we like to see black people win. We just tired of seeing you play the token black friend in teen movies when you look 34. So you gonna catch some Twitter slander here and there.”

Bach himself was decidedly against criticism of his past work on Vine, as evidenced by a few not-so-subtle Tweets addressing the issue.

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“Me: Just minding my business,” the actor wrote. “Twitter: F**k King Bach.”

However, the star was quickly defended by Fortnite star and celebrity streamer Ninja, who came to his aid with a call to action for Twitter users.


“Wake up to find King Bach trending in a negative way for no reason,” he wrote. “People need to start focusing on themselves during this pandemic and not drooling over their keyboards for clicks because they are bored as s**t. Do something productive, work on yourself, and don’t hate success.”

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Ninja isn’t the only internet celeb to speak out on the subject, either; YouTube sensation King Vader also came to Bach’s defense, Tweeting, “King Bach is one of the hardest working creators out [here]… hating on his success is lame.”

Although Bach also enlisted the help of YouTuber Logan Paul (to no avail, as of yet), it seems that the social media war against the former Viner is still raging on, adding yet another chapter to Twitter’s ever-growing list of “canceled” celebrities.