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Ninja and Jeffree Star tease crossover after TikTok and Target visit

Published: 31/Jan/2020 16:53

by Connor Bennett


In one of the most unusual crossovers to date, streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and make-up guru Jeffree Star got together to make some things happen – leaving fans questioning as to what comes next.

On his rise to mainstream stardom, Ninja has linked up with quite a number of fellow streamers and professional players to dominate Fortnite.

He famously took things up a notch when he teamed up with Drake, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Travis Scott to pretty much break Twitch – marking one of the biggest crossover moments to date. Yet, he’s now taken a different approach to things, linking up with popular YouTuber Jeffree Star.


Instagram: ninja
Ninja has teamed up with some of the biggest names, including David Beckham for an Adidas launch.

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If it seems somewhat of a confusing crossover, well, that’s because it is. No one knows – for certain – what they are up to, if anything. Yet, speculation kicked off on January 30, when the Mixer streamer tweeted out a TikTok he had made alongside the makeup guru.

Captioned “How I think I look in the morning vs how I wish I looked,” Ninja started the short clip by being alone in his streaming room before covering his camera with a mirror right as the song hit its climax, and when it was uncovered, Jeffree Star was stood in his place. 


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Though, if being at Ninja’s house and his place of work is one thing, the pair even ventured into public together – heading for a dash around the Blevins’ local Target. 

The makeup guru tweeted out a picture of himself and Ninja at the check-out with an empty shopping cart. However, that wasn’t the end of things. Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica followed it up with a selfie of all three outside the store. 

“Our local @Target wasn’t ready,” she tweeted, leaving fans of both content creators questioning what was being cooked up between them all. 


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Now, some fans have speculated that the Blevins’ could simply have a budding friendship with Starr and it is just a case of them all hanging out. However, others are expecting some sort of crossover in content.

Could we see Jeffree play Fortnite with Ninja in the future? Could we see Ninja being given a makeup with a new palette? Time will tell, so we’ll just have to wait and see.