NICKMERCS roasted Tyler1 for “smelling like piss” after TwitchCon meet & greet

nickmercs tyler1NICKMERC/Tyler1

Twitch star NICKMERCS roasted fellow streamer Tyler1 to his face after meeting for the very first time, claiming Tyler smelled “stinky.”

Despite being superstar streamers, NICKMERCS and Tyler1 had never met face-to-face before.

The pair have dominated Twitch for years now, Nick streaming FPS games and Tyler playing League of Legends, but never got the chance to meet up.

Finally, the weekend of San Diego TwitchCon and Nick’s MFAM event, the stars aligned for the two fitness-dedicated streamers to meet, and it went as hilariously as you’d expect.

Tyler1_2018NALCSTyler1 is the biggest League of Legends streamer on Twitch.

NICKMERCS roasts Tyler1 in first meeting

On October 11, a few days after their first encounter, NICKMERCS claimed that Tyler smelt “like piss.”

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Tyler explained what happened that made him smell so bad, “So, I met NICKMERCS for the first time. First thing, before this guy’s even in range of me, he says ‘you smell like sh*t.'”

As Tyler left Nick the streamer reiterated that he wasn’t kidding and that Tyler did “actually smell like piss.”

Tyler clarified that it wasn’t urine he stunk of and that he had just shown up from a meet and greet at TwitchCon and that he had just shaken tons of fans’ hands. With all the movement and travel, Tyler wasn’t smelling his freshest.

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Nick explained that Tyler is “his dog” and he would never tell him that if the two weren’t already friendly. Sadly, for him, he had to be the one to tell Tyler that a shower wouldn’t kill him.