NICKMERCS brutally roasts TimTheTatman in hilarious New Year’s resolution exchange

NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman at the MFAM summer bbq.Twitter: TimTheTatman

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and TimTheTatman’s friendly rivalry is a staple in the gaming scene and the leader of the MFAM has stoked the fires with a hilarious new roast of his buddy.

Nick and TimTheTatman’s back and forth is like no other in the gaming scene. It’s such an integral part of their personalities that they even brought it to a live audience with a UFC-partnered competition in 2022 but all it managed to do was keep the flames hot for the rest of the year.

Kolchefff isn’t letting the new year extinguish things either and his latest joke has fans cracking up once again.

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NICKMERCS hilariously roasts TimTheTatman (again)

The roast came in the form of a reply to Dave Portnoy (of Barstool Sports fame) who had posted about wanting to tackle a fitness challenge where a person attempts one situp per day of the year, building all the way to 365 situps a day by the end of the calendar.

The MFAM head honcho chimed in with a seemingly honest question but quickly flipped the script.

“What happens if we cannot perform 1 sit-up? (Asking for a friend)” he asked before revealing his true intention and tagging Tim. “Hang in there bud, waiting for clarification.”

Naturally, fans got in on the fun and started to pile on to the joke.

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One fan took a shot at the Tatman for being slow to reply to the tweet, saying Nick should “use a fishing rod with a Bud Lite on the end” to get his attention faster.

This kind of exchange is part of what makes both megastreamers so magnetic and there’s no doubt that Timmy will take plenty of shots of his own throughout the course of 2023.