‘Nicest cop ever’ stuns viewers by making man take breathalyzer at home

cops show up to canadian's houseTikTok/micahcolbertt

A police officer who has been dubbed the “nicest cop ever” is leaving viewers on TikTok confused after he made a man take a breathalyzer test in his own home.

Throughout the years there have been numerous incidents of cops seemingly abusing their power, but sometimes an officer shines through and changes perspectives.

In a viral TikTok, a man filmed a cop come to his door asking that a breathalyzer test be taken, surprising both the man and viewers across the platform.

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However, it’s the way the officer handled the situation that has fans supporting him while not exactly understanding why it was okay to come to someone’s house to perform a test.

Police officer goes viral after breathalyzer test at man’s house

In the video uploaded by user ‘micahcolbertt,’ the officer showed up to his house after receiving a traffic complaint alleging possible impairment and swerving out of lanes.

The cop went on to demonstrate how the test is used, whole Micah looked on, terrified that an officer was at his home as another police cruiser pulled up.

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According to the officer, when he shows up alone, a second cop is always sent just in case a suspect is impaired and starts running to avoid arrest.

This seemed to relax Micah, who calmed down, took the test, and passed, scoring a zero and earning a fist-bump from the cop.

However, the fact that the officer was able to show up and ask for a test to be done at someone’s home confused TikTok viewers.

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“He could have drank when he was inside legally allowed after driving? I’ve never heard of a breathalyzer done after at home,” one commented.

“How could they prove it was him behind the wheel? Man this is crazy,” another said.

As other viewers pointed out though, the laws are a bit different in Canada. Since 2019, officers in the country can show up at someone’s house and ask them to take a breathalyzer test on the spot. Blowing over the legal limit two hours after driving could result in legal consequences.

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tiktokers praise copTikTok
TikToker users praised the cop for being chill.

Nonetheless, viewers were also impressed by the cop, saying he “passed the vibe check.”

“I went to school with that cop. Nicest guy ever!” wrote a TikToker user.

The whole incident was confusing yet heartwarming at the same time, resulting in over 1.6 million views in just one day so far.

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