Nessa Barrett addresses claims her album will reveal “the truth” behind relationship drama

Nessa Barrett taking a selfieInstagram: nessabarrett

TikToker and artist Nessa Barrett has addressed claims that her upcoming album will reveal “the truth” behind the drama surrounding the start of her relationship with fellow influencer Jaden Hossler.

Back in April 2021, chaos erupted online after it was revealed that Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler had started a relationship together, leaving their exes Mads Lewis and Josh Richards.

The pair were flooded with hate online amid rumors that they’d cheated on their former partners, but as time went on the drama was laid to rest and the hate directed towards the couple slowed down.

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Nessa, who has over 17 million followers on TikTok, is also a successful musician, who has released several hit songs and her debut album ‘Pretty Poison.’

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler face each otherInstagram: nessabarrett
Jaden and Nessa are both popular creators and musicians in their own right.

On January 21, friend of Nessa and YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted a video with the star in which she wrote: “When your bestie is releasing an album about the truth.”

Many commenters assumed Tana to be talking about the huge drama surrounding Nessa and Jaden’s relationship.

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However, after the video was posted on tea page tiktokinsiders, Nessa clarified the rumor that she would be addressing the drama in her upcoming album.

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“I love Tana but my album has nothing to do with drama or anyone lol,” she wrote.

Nessa Barrett comments on an Instagram post

Several commenters criticized Tana for trying to “start drama,” whereas others said they were disappointed as they were “excited” to see Nessa’s side of the situation.

Regardless of what Nessa’s album is about, it’s clear that she has millions of fans who are eager to follow her music career as it continues to develop.

That’s not the only time this particular drama has been brought up recently. On January 19, Mads Lewis had to address a fake tweet written in her name about her ex-boyfriend Jaden.

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