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NELK Boys confront former editor 905 Shooter to explain why he was really fired

Published: 9/Sep/2021 8:20

by Brad Norton


Roughly two years since the popular NELK Boys YouTube collective fired Jason ‘905 Shooter’ Pagaduan from the group, founding member Kyle Forgeard confronted him on the Full Send Podcast to explain why he was dropped.

The NELK Boys has rapidly grown into one of the biggest social media groups on the internet. Though just as their popularity began to skyrocket, they fired 905 Shooter from the team.

At first, the reasoning behind this decision was due to “creepy behavior.” The former editor was cast aside after multiple women came forward with stories of “unwanted, repetitive, and unsolicited videos.”

Almost two years on from their separation, however, and NELK figurehead Kyle Forgeard spoke with 905 Shooter in the latest Full Send Podcast episode.


It turns out, it wasn’t just these stories that got him fired.

Nelk Boys
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905 Shooter was a video editor for the NELK Boys prior to being removed.

Before 905 Shooter arrived for the podcast, Forgeard began listing off the reasons he was pulled from the group. Mainly, it boiled down to two issues in particular.

“It was 50/50,” Forgeard explained. “Work ethic, and what he did.”

While “d*** pics were the final straw,” it appears the editor may have been on his way out before that incident came to light. 

“He was f***ing lazy,” the NELK Boys founder stressed.

“He kind of took things for granted because he came on at an early level. He didn’t even know how to edit videos before he joined NELK. I taught him how to do subtitles.” 


Although he understood why he was fired, 905 Shooter soon joined the podcast to try and defend his actions.

“I was put into a position where I was talked into becoming a different person,” he argued.

“Sort of groomed into becoming a frat boy, binge drinker type where it felt cool to be part of that lifestyle.”

As a result of these changes and more appearances in front of the camera rather than behind it, the former editor began to “lose [his] passion,” resulting in a lack of productivity.

“I could have decided on my own, maybe it was time to mutually quit,” he said. “That would have been the decent way of going out if I chose to.”


Outside of the previously mentioned controversy, 905 Shooter also lost the crew “$10,000 worth of cameras,” according to Forgeard.

“You didn’t even say sorry.”

The bridges have clearly been burnt, with no room for 905 Shooter to make a return. Though even if the door was open, the former editor admitted he no longer feels like the NELK Boys is the right fit “for [him].”