Neighbors climb over the fence as angry dispute nearly turns violent

Filip Krawanski

TikToker Katelyn Park uploaded a video showing an aggressive neighbor climbing the fence separating their properties when Katelyn’s mother asked him to turn the music down.

A viral TikTok video from May 13 has racked up over 1.5 million views after @katelynpark0 shared her family’s encounter with an aggressive neighbor.

In the video, Katelyn’s mother can be heard speaking to neighbors behind a wooden fence. According to the caption of the video, the conversation started with Katelyn’s mother asking the neighbors to turn the music down as it was disturbing them.

The situation quickly escalated into an argument, during which a male neighbor jumps to the top of the fence and starts gesturing toward the women and shouting at them.

A woman from behind the fence eventually pulls the man down, before two other women start climbing the fence at a different spot, shouting at Katelyn and her mother.

TikTok reacts to the aggressive neighbors climbing the fence

TikTok users in the comments were concerned by the behavior of neighbors from behind the fence and some even suggested getting authorities involved.

“My gosh, some people got no respect for others. Call the police,” one user wrote. Another viewer with a similar sentiment commented: “Holly heck. Poor woman.”

Other users praised Katelyn’s mother for standing her ground despite the abuse hurled at her.

“Your mum is amazing. The way she stood her ground and didn’t let them intimate her in the slightest, oozes strength,” said one viewer.

Users were also quick to point out the comical aspect of this not-so-funny situation.

“It’s the child asking for another creaming soda, as though nothing unusual is going on,” wrote one user referring to the offscreen voice that asks Kayelyn if they can have another cream soda in the middle of the video.

Thankfully no one was hurt as the situation did not escalate.

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