How to find your NASA birthday photo: TikTok trend goes viral

NASA logo in front of a galaxyUnsplash: Cerqueira / NASA

In a new viral trend, TikTok users are finding out which photo NASA posted on the day they were born, garnering millions of views for their videos. Here’s how to find yours.

In the past few years, TikTok has become one of the biggest sources of viral content on the internet, and with millions of users interacting with and posting their own content on a daily basis, there’s always something new happening on the app.

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In the latest viral trend, people are finding what picture NASA posted on the day they were born and sharing it with their followers.

People have found everything from galaxies to planets, and some are garnering millions of likes and views for posting the results to TikTok.

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How to find your NASA birthday picture

The website most people are using to find their image is ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day,’ with the page reading: “Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.”

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To find your picture, head to the website, scroll to the bottom, and click ‘calendar.’ Find your birth year or the birth year of the person whose picture you want to find (1995-2022), and then pick a month. Then select the day to see your image. Alternatively, you can Google search your birthday alongside the term ‘NASA picture.’

The range of pictures on the site is huge, but some have gone viral for posting some not-so-exciting results.

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NASA also has another website where you can see what the Hubble Telescope saw on your birthday, though this site only has the option to input the month and date.

Some are uploading these images to TikTok alongside pictures of themselves, and are going viral for showing off the range of amazing space pictures that correspond with their birthday.

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