Nadeshot sticks up for Tarik over ‘sexism’ Twitch drama with JasonR

Tarik and Nadeshot side by side picture100 Thieves/Instagram: officialtarik

Former CSGO pro and Valorant streamer Jason ‘jasonR’ Ruchelski got into some beef with fellow streamer Tarik ‘Tarik’ Celik, and now 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has jumped to Tarik’s defense.

Tarik and JasonR got into it live on stream after they randomly ran into each other in Valorant’s ranked matchmaking.

Jason called Tarik an ‘L friend’ for not sticking up for him following the sexism accusations, but Tarik simply stated that his behavior was “weird” and that he wouldn’t play with him on account of that.

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Jason did later post an apology and said he was “taking accountability” for his actions, and after this Tarik said that he “felt bad” that he and his stream was benefitting from Jason’s backlash.

Nadeshot was quick to quash Tarik’s concerns, though, saying that he had nothing to feel bad about from the situation.

“Tarik, if this motherf**ker actually had a problem with you, he would’ve sent you a message saying ‘Hey I got something to talk to you about,’” the former Call of Duty pro said. “He said it in a game while you guys were on stream, he knew what he was doing. You shouldn’t feel bad, and the internet’s going to pick a side no matter what.”

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He continued, joking that “I would be looking at Rolexes online” if he were in Tarik’s shoes, adding that “if he truly felt like you had wronged him in some way, he should’ve came to you like a man off the internet and sent you a message.”

Following the argument with Tarik, JasonR did say that “I will no longer be avoiding these online situations” and apologized for his actions, so there may be change yet.

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Whether Tarik still feels bad about the situation is unclear, but it’s fair to say Nadeshot had his back. Maybe Tarik will look at Rolexes once he gets over the ordeal.

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