Tarik and JasonR clash after “dodging” female Valorant teammates drama resurfaces

Twitch streamers Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik had a heated clash after the drama around JasonR “dodging” female teammates was brought back to the forefront.

In February, JasonR came under fire after accusations were made that he would deliberately avoid and mute female players in-game, leading many from the Valorant community, such as professional player Annie Dro hit out at Jason, for “manipulating and gaslighting” his audience.

The controversy came almost fours years after he was called out for banning women from his chat in 2018, and jokingly saying “every single f**king girl on Twitch are little f**king hoes.”

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Now, the controversy has resurfaced, as JasonR called out long-time pal Tarik for not defending him amid the accusations, leading to the two clashing against each other on stream.

jasonr-responds-to-accusations-blocking-women-valorantJasonR came under fire after an accusation that he deliberately avoids and mutes female players in-game surfaced.

During their March 26 live streams, the two streamers were coincidentally put into the same Valorant game together. However, things took a turn for the worse as they started losing the match, leading Jason to bluntly call out Tarik for being an “L friend.” After the game, Tarik asked that Jason explained himself, which lead to a long and heated argument.

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“You are in a position to tell people that JasonR is not the person that these people are trying to label me as,” said Ruchelski. “You are in that position, and you chose to be quiet. You have defended and shut down and banned certain people, but you have not gone out and told people and given a character witness of me. ”

Tarik hit back at Jason. “There is undeniable, indisputable evidence that you clearly dodge queue vs girls,” Celik claimed. “If I play with you, it makes it seem like I support that behavior, and I don’t know why you do it – it’s your personal reason, your private matter but I don’t agree with it and I think it is weird.”

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The CS:GO Major winner continued: “That’s my stance on it, and if I play with you it seems like I support that behavior. But, I’ve never been on my stream talking sh*t about you or saying anything bad. I’ve never been here like f**k Jason he’s doing this sh*t. F**k Jason why is he acting like that. No, I’m quiet but I’ve said I don’t support it so I’m not going to play with him.”

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“You know what, that’s fair,” Jason admitted. “But again, you’re taking a neutral stance on it when you’re supposed to be a f**king friend of mine. He continued: “You asked me why I think you’re an L f**king friend and here’s why. You blew up on Twitch and you’re too f**king scared to play a f**king position of trying to defend me.”

For close to an hour the two continuously went back and forth, and at the end of it, JasonR admitted the conversation didn’t go anywhere after they repeatedly went in circles with their argument. Before long though, this back and forth caught fire on social media, reigniting Jason’s earlier controversy.

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“I would hate to disrespect my wife by playing games with women and having them in my chat,” fellow streamer QTCinderella said sarcastically. Accompanying her tweet was a screenshot of Jason’s more revealing liked posts on Twitter.

Things culminated with a Twitlonger the following day, as Jason looked to ‘take accountability.’

“I was avoiding certain online situations out of respect to my wife, Stephanie,” he claimed. “When I was younger I was not a good person to her – and I take accountability for my actions that lead us to this place.

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“I will no longer be avoiding these online situations and I am sorry that my intentions were misconstrued by my actions. I wish nothing but peace and love for people and ask for a touch of understanding.”

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