Nadeshot responds after risking Twitch ban streaming with Dr Disrespect

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While streaming Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown tournament, Nadeshot spoke with the banned Dr Disrespect, violating Twitch’s policies. In response to chat’s concerns, he expressed how shocking it would be if Twitch banned him, too.

Nadeshot, the founder of 100 Thieves and former Call of Duty pro, has been streaming on Twitch since it was known as He cited that longstanding experience with the platform to explain why it would be bizarre and disrespectful for the streaming service to ban him simply for chatting with a banned opponent during the game.

Competing in Vikkstar’s Warzone tournament, Nadeshot and his teammate, Rated, were pitted against Dr Disrespect and ZLaner. Before the match, the group spoke in the pregame lobby – and Nadeshot did not mute the Doc, who has been permanently banned from the platform since late June. Per Twitch’s suspension policies, suspended users may not appear or participate in others’ channels. 

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Given the platform’s rules against allowing suspended players to participate in others’ channels, Nadeshot’s chat immediately erupted in concern for their beloved streamer. He assuaged those concerns by expressing his surprise that Twitch would even consider it: “Man, Twitch really gonna ban me for talking to Doc in-game? Ah, come on, bro. What are they going to do?”

He elaborated to cite his longstanding relationship with the platform, with Doc’s voice still echoing in the background. “They ban me, I’ve been on here since They gotta make a decision there. No respect. No respect.”

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But Nadeshot wasn’t the only participant in the tournament to speak with the Doc while streaming, as a later match saw the Call of Duty League and Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter speak with Doc before their match, as well. Unsurprisingly, the two engaged in some friendly banter, much to the delight of Crimsix’s chat.

Crimsix and Dr Disrespect’s talk broached the uncomfortable subject of gifting subs, a subject quickly moved away from, as it touches on the Doc’s permanent ban. As of yet, no one knows why exactly Dr Disrespect was banned and he has, since then, not been heard on any Twitch streams.

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As of yet, Twitch has not levied out bans to Nadeshot or Crimsix. In the past, streamers have received bans for this breach of policy, but it is unclear whether or not the streaming platform will consider these short-lived offenses problematic enough to warrant temporary suspensions for the popular streamers.