Nadeshot describes his “awkward” encounters with top YouTubers Markiplier and Tati

Markiplier, 100 Thieves, Tati - YouTube

CoD pro recounted his “awkward” experiences with other top content creators on the net, including the likes of Markiplier and Tati.

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Nadeshot opened up about his experiences with these YouTubers during an episode of ‘The Courage and Nadeshot Show’ on May 31, after the drama surrounding beauty YouTuber James Charles was brought up as a topic in the conversation.

According to Nadeshot, he’d lived in an apartment complex next to makeup guru Tati Westbrook and her husband, James, before they had actually gotten married. Nadeshot claimed that James had seen him with his camera in an elevator and asked him about his work on YouTube, kicking off a long lasting relationship.

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“We exchanged numbers and kept up with each other for quite a few months as he lived next door,” Nadeshot recalled. “He actually gave me a toaster. James gave me a toaster and we’ve been friends ever since.”

However, one of Nadeshot’s stories didn’t end so happily: Haag recalled a second instance where he lived next to another popular YouTuber, Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach, with whom Nadeshot tried to initiate a friendly relationship – to no avail.

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“He lived right across from me,” Nadeshot explained. “All of my interactions with him were incredibly awkward.”

Markiplier, InstagramMark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of YouTube’s top gaming creators, boasting over 23 million subscribers.
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Much like his story with James Westbrook, Nadeshot ran into Markiplier in an elevator: While Nadeshot made sure to clarify that he had “nothing against” Markiplier, the YouTuber didn’t take such an avid interest in Nadeshot’s work, with Nadeshot ultimately concluding that Fischbach “didn’t like” him.

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“I told Markiplier, I was like, ‘Hey, man, I heard that you went rock climbing with CaptainSparklez,’” Nadeshot continued. “…I tried to make him feel as if we had a friend of a friend. …Markiplier did not like me, and I tried my best. I was like, ‘Hey, wanna grab a drink, wanna be friends?’ I think I just caught him off-guard.”

Nadeshot, InstagramNadeshot, CEO and founder of esports and entertainment org 100 Thieves, recounted his “awkward” stories with top YouTubers, following drama with streamer NICKMERCS.

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Nadeshot’s story follows the release of Twitch streamer NICKMERCS from 100 Thieves, who claimed that Nadeshot hadn’t held up a verbal agreement that would have granted him 5% of the org’s earnings.

Nadeshot has since signed on caster and streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who appears with Nadeshot in their joint show.

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