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Entertainment • May 31, 2019

NovaRuu defends Twitch viewers who donate money to "e-girls"

NovaRuu defends Twitch viewers who donate money to "e-girls"

Twitch streamer NovaRuu shared her true feelings for people who make fun of others for donating their money to "e-girls."


Twitch viewers always seem like they have some things to say about girls who stream, or "Twitch thots" as PewDiePie would call them.

NovaRuu became fed up with this mindset and lashed out at those viewers who think less of other people for donating to girls online, comparing it how people don't make fun of the other ways people can spend their money.

Novaruu / Twitter
NovaRuu had some words for entitled Twitch viewers.


"Are you gonna go into a casino and be like 'All of you are pieces of shit for wasting your money on gambling, it's all a fraud,'" she said. "Like fuck off, let people spend their money how they want to spend it. If they want to spend it on alcohol, or drugs, or gambling, e-girls, let them do it."

For what it's worth, women aren't the only ones who get giant donations on Twitch, as many of the top channels like Ninja and Dr Disrespect get several donations per day, which she did mention.


"It's so entitled to think that women make all the money," she explained. "You see men and they have like crazy amounts of money as well. People don't donate just because they want to fuck somebody."

Her argument is male streamers are largely ignored when they get large donations but if a female streamer gets one, both them and the donator get criticized. 

This has been an issue on Twitch for years now and it doesn't seem like it'll be changing any time soon. As larger female streamers speak out about it, it's definitely possible things could change.

Pokimane, one of the largest female streamers on Twitch, still has problems with creepy donations, but she has started to fight back against them.

More streamers are talking about the double standard could go long way to improving things on Twitch.

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